/TOR Real Estate- Low-cost Brokerage and Home Buyers

TOR Real Estate- Low-cost Brokerage and Home Buyers

We are your real estate problem solvers in St Petersburg Florida. We understand that no two situations or real estate transactions are alike. We offer you a personalized solution different from every other real estate company, Realtor, or Broker out there. We have several solutions including W”e Buy Houses” – (yes well give you a cash offer for your home within 48 hours). Flat fee MLS, low-fee MLS, and Single Broker Listings , and Discount Realtors. Where you pay only one broker instead of two as with a traditional MLS Co-Broker. As a home seller you can pay no, or less than half, of the typical seller’s commission when compared to a traditional Broker’s MLS listing fees. We also offer discounted full-service MLS listing services. Our team of local home buyers, local MLS members, licensed Realtors, an experienced Broker can help with just about any real estate transaction in St Petersburg Florida all while saving you thousands in commission.

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